More than one hit wonders, The Youngbloods are one of the great west coast bands. This website is a pet project of mine. All of the images come from my own collection. I am not claiming copyright to any of them. If you have copyright on any of the images, let me know  and I will remove the image from the website. My intention is to celebrate the band and hopefully make them more appreciated than they have been in the past. Any errors on this website are also mine.

DAVID SPOFFORD kindly sent in this memory about meeting The Youngbloods, for which we are greatly indebted.  "In 1967- 1968 I attended The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.  I lived in a dorm and all three of my roommates were Radio and TV majors.  One of the things they had to do, was disk jockey for WOSU, a rock and roll station that broadcast only to the dorms on campus.  In 1967 they started doing short interviews with groups that were in or near Columbus.  Understand their budget was close to zero, they had no advertisers and their audience wasn't composed of big spenders.  So, the groups they interviewed tended to be those who occupied the financial low end of the top 40.  No Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, more like the Pozo Seco Singers, Sir Douglas Quintet, etc.  I got into this largely because Radio and TV majors tended to be pretty sedentary folk, often rotund and had a lot of difficulty with carting the equipment, ( an Ampex reel to reel tape recorder, a couple hundred feet of cables, a transformer and a microphone), around.  I don't think my roommates could have run 100 yards downhill, let alone carry a couple hundred pounds of stuff a half a mile.  Which, is what we had to do when we interviewed the Youngbloods.   I don't remember where they played.  I didn't drive at the time, so I tended not to pay attention to where we were going.  But it was an hour or so from Columbus. We got there in time to hear them play two songs..."Tears are Falling" and "Get Together".  My roommate and I had become conditioned by previous interviews to expect these groups to just slaughter their songs in front of a drunken audience.  Not this time.  They performed perfectly, by that I mean they sounded just like their album.  The interview lasted for just a few minutes, they had to pack up and head to Michigan, if I remember right.  The interview consisted of a few questions like, "Where is the group from?", "What do they think of Columbus?" and the like.  And in the end we got them to say, "Hi we're the Youngbloods. Whenever we are in town we listen to WOSU".  After I quit helping out, and I went to a concert, I always compared the group/artist's performance to the Youngbloods. Not many measured up".