1970 gig list

01/01/70 OLYMPIC AUDITORIUM, LA. With LEE MICHAELS, LOVE, TAJ MAHAL. I have a handbill for this show.
Friday 20 Feb/ 1970 Berkeley Community Theatre, SF. With THE SONS & LAMB. Flyer in my collection.

Thu 19, Fri 20, Sat 21 March 1970. Boston Tea Party, Boston, MA. Livingston Taylor + Seals & Crofts.
27, 28 29 /03/70 (Easter Sunday) FAMILY DOG ON THE GREAT HIGHWAY SAN FRANCISCO Flyer in my collection. With Commander Cody & jeffrey cain
18/04/70 BENSON CAFETERIA, UNI SANTA CLARA. With Jean Kent, Coffee.
16/04/70 The Barn, MARSHALL, CA.
Sunday may 31 1970 TV show, Tampa Florida I have a dated press photo in my collection, announcing this show, which also featured JAMES TAYLOR.
19/05/70 PROVO PARK SAN FRANCISCO info from sleeve notes of LP
30 May 1970 CARNEGIE HALL, NY. Tim Hardin, Charlie Brown & Oz also on the bill. Newspaper ad announcing show in my collection.

10/07/70 Euphoria Club, SAN RAFAEL, CA. Country Weather + Lambert & Nuttycomb.
17+18+19/07/70 Euphoria Club, SAN RAFAEL info from LP notes Country Weather + Lambert & Nuttycomb.
21/07/70 Pacific High Recording Studio, SAN FRANCISCO info from LP notes
31 July, 01&02 Aug 70 FAMILY DOG AT THE GREAT HIGHWAY. sf. Joy Of Cooking & Jeffrey Cain. Flyer in my collection.
19700821 Fillmore East, New York, NY Youngbloods, Blues Image, Tim Hardin
19700822 Fillmore East, New York, NY Youngbloods, Blues Image, Tim Hardin
19700824 Coliseum, Troy, NY Youngbloods
19700826 Municipal Stadium, Waterbury, CT Youngbloods, James Gang, Cactus, Flock

“I saw a Youngbloods concert on August 26, 1970 at Waterbury, Connecticut's Municipal Stadium. The Youngbloods headlined a show with The Flock opening and the James Gang coming on second. It was a great show and right before I left for my freshman year in college. A few things I do remember about that show was tie dying tshirts in my then girlfriend's basement prior to heading out to the concert. The Flock opening and doing a blistering set, The James Gang being okay, not great and The Youngbloods doing my favorite song, Sunlight.

I don't recall Cactus playing. They were a great band featuring Carmine Appice, Tim Bogert, Jim McCarty and Rusty Day“. Robert Nankin.

Poster evidence for this gig has thus far not surfaced as far as I know, but some sources do list Cactus as being billed to play this show. I imagine that Cactus were billed to play, but for some reason did not show up. This might account for Robert not remembering them. Clarification welcomed.

19700829 Winnipeg Arena, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Led Zeppelin, Youngbloods, Merry Go Round, Ides of March, Iron Butterfly, Justin Tyme, Chilliwack, Chopping Block, Sugar & Spice, Mongrels, The Fifth, Euphoria, Haymarket Riot “Man Pop” Festival. Moved from Winnipeg Stadium due to rain.
Winnipeg Arena, Aug. 29, 1970
Paid the princely sum of $50,000 US to play the Man-Pop festival, British rock gods Led Zeppelin almost refused to go on stage at the end of a publicly funded rock festival that was already beset by problems.
Earlier in the day, the 13-band show -- which also included Iron Butterfly and Chilliwack -- was moved from Winnipeg Stadium after more than five centimetres of rain fell on the soggy stadium turf in less than two hours.
Inside Winnipeg Arena, bands complained the sound system wouldn't work. Fans grumbled there wasn't enough room for all of them and one radio station compounded the issue by mistakenly broadcasting the entire show was for free.
Eventually, the headliners went on stage but their managers began to grumble about cash. One band in particular, The Youngbloods, refused to stop playing until they got paid, delaying the show even further.
According to one account, Led Zeppelin outright refused to play because of some contract stipulation regarding rain. According to others, the band members merely got too wasted as they partied in their International Inn hotel rooms.
Eventually, Zep took the stage after midnight and played until 3 a.m

It was now around 8 p.m. The arena was bursting at the seams. It was hot and humid from all the wet clothing. You could actually see the steam coming off the crowd. It took a long time to get patched in and ready but the Youngbloods were going to be the first to try the system. They were about to take the stage, but at the last minute decided they too wanted to get paid before they went on, in U.S. cash. They were finally convinced to start and that payment was coming. They went on to thunderous applause.
At the hotel the other major acts were now also concerned that if they didn't get to play they wouldn't get paid or the cheques would bounce when they got back home. They were all demanding U.S. cash and Frank was frantic.
Just after that Maitland went to the hotel to talk to Peter Grant. The very heavy-set manager was getting a bit drunk. As Jerry recalled it, Maitland plunked $25,000 US cash in mixed bills on the table in big stacks. Jerry didn't know where he got it, on a Saturday night in Winnipeg in 1970, but there it was.
Grant said, in a slurred thick British accent, "Mr. Steinkopf, you are a gentleman. We are ready to give the best goddam show we've ever played. We will play anytime you're ready for us and as long as you'll have us!" And that was that.
The only problem was, it was so late by the time the band took the stage, they were all hammered.
Meanwhile back at the arena the Youngbloods, who at first wouldn't take the stage without being paid, now wouldn't stop playing until they got their money. They went on and on but Youngbloods fans, oblivious to what was really going on, thought it was great. It was quite some time before their road manager was satisfied but he finally gave the signal and they left the stage.

September 10-11-12 Friends & Relations Hall, San Francisco, CA. Jeffrey Cain.High Country.
Fri 18 Dec 1970 +19 +20th WINTERLAND BALLROOM, SF. With canned Heat, Blues Image. poster & flyer in my collection.

1971 and beyond.

Fri-sat 22&23 January 1971 PEPPERLAND, SAN RAFAEL. With Seatrain, John Fahey. Flyer in my collection.
Thu Feb 11 1971 - LONG BEACH ARENA, LA. With the Guess Who, flyer & newspaper ad in my collection. Plus a review of the gig from BILLBOARD magazine 27/02/71
01 March 71(? guessing the year for now) LABOR TEMPLE, MINNEAPOLIS. With SRC. handbill in my collection also has a date for ERIC BURDON & WAR (this band makes me think it is 1971.
9 APRIL 1971 SANTA MONICA CIVIC AUDITORIUM. Jeffrey Cain also on bill. Newspaper ad announcing show, in my collection.
10 September 1971 FRIENDS & RELATIONS HALL, SAN FRANCISCO. With Jeffrey Cain, High Country. Flyer in my collection.
11 September 1971 FRIENDS & RELATIONS HALL, SAN FRANCISCO. With Jeffrey Cain. High Country.
12 September 1971 FRIENDS & RELATIONS HALL, SAN FRANCISCO. With Jeffrey Cain. High Country
Sarturday 04 December - BERKELEY COMMUNTY THEATRE SF. No support acts listed on flyer, which is in my collection. Pic of band shows Michael Kane.
05/12/71 (December) PACIFIC HIGH STUDIOS, SAN FRANCISCO Radio Broadcast.

I had a great conversation with you (Banana) about the pickups on your guild guitar at Southern Connecticut College around 1971, I believe Rick Turner did them. The cops pulled the plug on the show and you guys took out
your acoustic instruments and invited us all up on the stage and kept playing. The kind of stuff that never happens anymore
Be well,

May 1972 CARNEGIE HALL NY. Batdorf & Rodney in support. I have a BILLBOARD magazine review of this

The truth is, my memory is not too good, and the time with the Youngbloods was a whirlwind for me (planes and cars and hotels and get to the gig
wondering, 'what town am I in?') If I ask my mind for a memory, it usually comes up blank. Sometimes, though, little memories just come back out of nowhere. I was talking to Banana, and he thought you wouldn't mind what it was I could remember, like how I used to stink up the hotels cooking brown rice with umeboshi plums (my first month out on the road with them, I lived mostly on Heinekens beer and junk food. Not too good. So, then I always packed all my own food and a hotplate, and cooked my meals in the hotel). MICHAEL KANE. (Bass player, 1971-2).