For me, The Youngbloods were always one of the most interesting Hippie bands, creating music that broke down barriers and using that music, opened all of our minds to what might constitute the truly psychedelic.

Best known for their 'anthem' "Get Together", their recorded history contains so much more than just that one song and via this website, I hope to broaden their popularity and also to get people, music fans and just good old fashioned people to join in and sing the band's praises. I also hope to use this site as a way of displaying images from the past that will please and enlighten fans of the band and the merely inquisitive. All are welcome.

For me, their song "Hippie From Olema" was a life changing and affirming experience. All to the good. I want to celebrate that feeling here, keep flying that ragged flag and welcome in fans old and new.

Please note that all images and photographs included on this site come from my own collection. I do not aim to steal or infringe anyone else's copyrighted material. If you see something here that you are not happy for me to use then let me know and i will remove it. Or credit you as owning the copyright. My aim is to celebrate the band and their wonderful legacy, not to make money out of them.

This site belongs to us all. Please bombard me with your memories of the band, photos of your memorabilia and lists ofyour favourite songs and albums by The Youngbloods. I will fit it all in somewhere.

Together we can raise the profile of this often overlooked but far from forgotten band.