Basic Album Discography for now but will be fully updated soon with catalogue numbers etc.And illustrations too! 

1965 Jesse Colin Young / Youngbloods (Mercury Records)

1967: The Youngbloods (RCA) - re-released as Get Together in 1971 (Sundazed 2009)

1967: Earth Music (RCA) (Sundazed 2009)

1969: Elephant Mountain (RCA) (Sundazed 2009 w/ bonus tracks)

1970: Rock Festival (Warner Bros.)

1970: Two Trips (Mercury) - compilation

1970: The Best of the Youngbloods (RCA) - compilation of early Youngbloods & Jesse Colin Young material

1971 This isThe Youngbloods (RCA double LP)

1971: Ride the Wind  (RCA and Warner Bros)

1971: Good and Dusty  (Warner Bros/Raccoon)

1971: Sunlight - compilation (RCA) 

1972: High on a Ridgetop  (Warner Bros/Raccoon)

1972: This is the Youngbloods (RCA) - compilation

1998: Euphoria: 1965–1969 - compilation (Raven Recs)

2002: Get Together: The Essential Youngbloods - compilation

2005: Beautiful! Live in San Francisco 1971 (Sundazed)


Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Raccoon #1 (WS 1878) - Rock Festival - Youngbloods [1970] (10/70, #80) It's A Lovely Day/Faster All The Time/Prelude/On Beautiful Lake Spenard/Josiane//Sea Cow Boogie/Fiddler A Dram/Misty Roses/Interlude/Peepin' 'N' Hidin' (Baby, What You Want Me To Do)/Ice Bag

Raccoon #2 (WS 1880) - For You - Jeffrey Cain [1970] Saw A Man/Heavenly Blue/Moonshine Is The Sunshine/Not I The Seed/Houndog Turkey//Color Blind/Mr. Governor/Poem For My Friends/Aubrey/Lost In Space/Run On Along/For You

Raccoon #3 (WS 1901) - Moonset - Joe Bauer [1971] Explosion/Five Ten/Old Shoe/Cat Gone/Moonset/Frogs//Swallows/Pelicans/Earthquake Blues

Raccoon #4 (BS 2563) - Ride the Wind - Youngbloods [1971] (7/71, #157) Ride The Wind/Sugar Babe/Sunlight//The Dolphin/Get Together/Beautiful

Raccoon #5 (WS 1913) - What Was, What Is, What Will Be - Kenny Gill [1971] Valley of All Brothers

Raccoon #6 (WS 1915) - Armchair Boogie - Michael Hurley [1971] Werewolf/Grand Canyon Line/English Nobleman/Be Kind To Me/Troubled Water/Red Raveager's Reel/Sweedeedee/Open Up (Eternal Lips)/Jocko's Lament/Light Green Fellow/Get The Best Of Me/Biscuit Roller/When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano/Penguins

Raccoon #7 (WS 1937) - High Country - High Country [1971] Hello City Limits/Blue Night/Tennessee Blues/Skip, Hop, and Wobble/The Old, Old House/California Blues/Pow-Wow/Big River/Stone Walls and Steel Bars/John Hardy/Sugar-Coated Love/Grey Eagle/I Cried Again/Have Mercy On Me

Raccoon #8 (WS 1944) - Crab Tunes/Noggins - Youngbloods-Related Artists [1971] Side A is credited to "Banana, Joe Bauer, Michael Kane, Bill Mitchell,and Earthquake." Side B is credited to "Banana, Joe Bauer, Michael Kane, and Kenny Gill." Crab Tune #1/Noggin Attempt #1/Crab Tune #2/Noggin Attempt #2/Crab Tune #3/Noggin Attempt #3/Crab Tune #4/Ole Jasper Cybelle/Crab Tune #5/Noggin Attempt #4/Crab Tune #6/Noggin

Raccoon #9 (BS 2566) - Good and Dusty - Youngbloods [1971] (12/71, #160) Stagger Lee/That's How Strong My Love Is/Willie And The Hand Jive/Circus Face/Hippie From Olema #3/Good And Dusty/Let The Good Times Roll/Drifting And Drifting/Pontiac Blues/The Moonshine Is The Sunshine/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/I'm A Hog For You Baby/Light Shine

Raccoon #10 (BS 2588) - Together - Jesse Colin Young [1972] (3/72, #157) Good Times/Sweet Little Child/Together/Sweet Little 16/Peace Song//6 Days On The Road/It's A Lovely Day/Creole Belle/6000 Miles/Born In Chicago/Pastures Of Plenty

*Raccoon #11 (BS 2608) - Dreams - High Country [1972] Big Sandy River/Cold Hard Rain/Doin' My Time/Dreams/Good News/Katy Hill/Little Rabbit/Lost Highway/Moonlight Waltz/Old Home Place/Sally Ann/Sittin' Alone In The Moonlight/True Life Blues/Virginia Waltz/Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies

Raccoon #12 (BS 2613) - Whispering Thunder - Jeffrey Cain [1972] Soul Train/Memphis/Queen Of England/Peace Sign Blues/When I'm Thirsty/Mockingbird//Whispering Thunder/Mighty Moe/Bless My Soul/Moonshine Is The Sunshine/Pack Up Your Sorrows/Aurora Borealis

Raccoon #13 (BS 2626) - Mid-Mountain-Ranch - Banana & Bunch [1972] Back In The U.S.A./My True Life Blues/Vanderbilt's Lament/Interlude/Double Interlude/Sittin' Alone In The Moonlight/In Foggy Old London/Before The Sun Goes Down//New Sail Away Ladies/Ocean Of Diamonds/Familiar Patterns/Great Blue Heron/Honky Tonk Blues/Lucas Valley Breakdown/The Rights Of Man

Raccoon #14 (BS 2625) - Hi Fi Snock Uptown - Michael Hurley [1972] Blue Driver/Watertrain/The Sun Is Slowly Sinkin'/Old Black Crow/Twilight Zone/I'm Worried, I'm Worried/In Florida/Mr. Whiskerwitz/Lilly Pads Upon The Pond/Eyes Eyes/Girl I Love/Uncle Bob's Corner/Rat Face/In Trinidad

Raccoon #15 (BS 2653) - High on a Ridge Top - Youngbloods [1972] (12/72, #185) Speedo/She Caught The Katy And Left Me A Mule To Ride/Going By The River/Running Bear/I Shall Be Released//Dream Boat/She Came In Through The Bathroom Window/Donna/La Bamba/Kind Hearted Woman