Raccoon Singles

a subject dear to my heart. If you have any information about Raccoon 1, or Raccoon 2, let me know and I will add it to this list. I am not sure how many of these releases were "promo only", but have made a guess that where the same song crops up in mono & stereo versions on the same 45, that these were promo only releases. It should also be noted that all Raccoon releases had white labels. If it's a promo, it says so on the label. If it does not say promo on the label, then it is a stock or retail copy.

WB7404 JESSE COLIN YOUNG - Peace Song (Mono & Stereo) Promo only

WB7428 JEFFREY CAIN - Saw A Man / Houndog Turkey. Note that this gained a regular release in France, with a picture sleeve, on WB5148. Retail and promo copies exist.

WB7445 /Raccoon 3 - YOUNGBLOODS Hippie From Olema (live) / Misty Roses. Retail & promo copies exist.

WB7449 /Raccoon 4 - YOUNGBLOODS It's A Lovely Day / Icebag (also released in UK on WB K16098). USA retail & promo copies exist.

WB7563 /Raccoon 5 - YOUNGBLOODS Lightshine / Will The Circle Be Unbroken. USA retail & promo copies exist.

WB7581 /Racoon 6 - JESSE COLIN YOUNG Peace Song / Good Times

WB7583 /Raccoon 7 - HIGH COUNTRY Dreams / Pow-Wow (promo only?)

WB7593 /Raccoon 8 - JEFFREY CAIN Mighty Moe / Whispering Thunder (promo only?)

WB7618 /Raccon 9 - JESSE COLIN YOUNG It's A Lovely Day (Mono & Stereo) Promo only

WB7618 / Raccoon 9 - JESSE COLIN YOUNG. It's A Lovely Day / Sweet Little Child. (retail copy).

WB7621 /Raccoon 10 - BANANA AND THE BUNCH - Vanderbilt's Lament (Mono & Stereo) Promo only

WB7626 /Raccoon 11 - BANANA AND THE BUNCH - Back In The USA (Mono & Stereo) Promo only

WB7639 /Raccoon 12 - YOUNGBLOODS - Dreamboat (Mono & Stereo) Promo Only

WB7660 /Raccoon 13 Running Bear / Kind Hearted Woman

WB7660 /Raccoon 13 Running Bear (Mono & Stereo) Promo only

PRO1 YOUNGBLOODS radio spot for Rock Festival LP.