RCA singles





RCA Era singles by The Youngbloods. American catalogue numbers.

Tomorrow / Lonely Boy.

(Altera Recs 001). 1966. credited to Jeff Cain & The Youngbloods. I have been lucky enough to finally purchase a copy of this 45. Do The Youngbloods play on it? Rumour has it that they do. My copy of the 45 is a demo and makes no mention at all on either of the labels about any Youngblood involvement. I suspect that the only person who knows is Jesse Colin Young, and I'm not in contact with him. So, if you ever read this Jesse, do let us know.

For anyone that wants to take a listen to this very rare 45, here is a link, provided by Scott Schillo from the bay area. Many Thanks for this Scott. 






Grizzly Bear / Tears Are Falling

. (RCA 9105) 1967. label variations exist with mis-spelling of Grizzly as "Grizzley". Songwriting credits Jerry Corbitt as the writer but interestingly, sheet music for this song exists that dates back to the 1920's.

Merry Go Round / Foolin' Around

. (RCA 9412). Note that the 'A' side never appeared on an LP and was written by Felix Pappaladi, who went on to find greater fame with Mountain.

Euphoria / The Wine Song.

(RCA 9222). 'Euphoria' was originally recorded by The Holy Modal Rounders. Banana is an old friend of Peter Stampfel and they spent time playing together as well as living the high life, before Banana joined The Youngbloods.

Get Together / All My Dreams Blue

. (RCA 9264) 1967. First release of this but it did not do as well as when re-released a couple of years later.

Get Together / C.C. Rider

(RCA 41.980) 1967 An unusual release, black and silver RCA labels, but no picture of the dog on the label. And, the version of Get Together is the radio edit, at 3.24. There is no information at all on the label to suggest that this release comes from anywhere else other than the USA, but the catalogue number has no relation to all the other releases. This is not a promo copy, but a regular stock copy. I suppose that it could be from the UK?

I Can Tell / Fool Me.

(RCA 9360) 1967. 'Fool Me' was written by Banana and despite apparently being the 'B' side of this 45, all the different promo copies of this 45 that I have seen state that 'Fool Me' is the plug side.

Quicksand / Dreamer’s Dream

All of the above, original releases have the black RCA label. Hereafter, the labels are orange.

Get Together / Beautiful.

(RCA 9752) 1969. This is the release that scored the massive hit. Of minor interest is a copy of this release in my collection, that comes from PERU. It has the older, black labels. The band are called SANGRE JOVEN and the titles are given as ‘juntarse’ (Get Together) and ‘hermoso’ (Beautiful).

Darkness, Darkness / On Sir Francis Drake.

(RCA 0129) 1969. Sir Francis Drake is the name of a road, leading from San Francisco, up into Marin County. Note also that the version of On Sir Francis Drake, is edited down to 3.00. This happens on both promo and stock copies.

Sunlight / Trillium. (RCA 74-0270) This might be a promo only release.

Sunlight / Reason To Believe.

Sometimes / Another Strange Town, (Mercury 73068) 1970. Pulled from the ‘Two Trips’ LP that featured earlier, pre-RCA recordings by Jesse and the Youngbloods.

I have not included all the subsequent re-releases but have listed a few promo items below, that I have in my collection. All originating from the USA.

Merry Go Round / Foolin’ Around. White labels.

Grizzly Bear / Tears Are Falling. White labels.

Grizzley Bear / Grizzly Bear. Red labels.

Euphoria / The Wine Song. White labels.

Fool Me / I Can Tell. White labels.

Get Together / Get Together (edited version). White labels.

Sunlight / Trillium. Yellow labels.

Darkness, Darkness / On Sir Francis Drake. Yellow labels.

Fool Me / I Can Tell. Canada, red label promo.